Third Party Reviews

Melissa Morton | December 15, 2018 |

"We went to Sport Clips for the first time today. I have an 8 yo and 11 yo. Gina was great! She treated my 11yo like an adult and gave him a great experience and a great haircut. My 8yo got a cut from CJ and I was less than impressed with her people skills. The haircut was good but she asked if we wanted the shampoo and my son said no so I assumed we wouldn’t have to pay for the whole MVP treatment. When we checked out we were still charged the full price for a simple haircut. When we came in I was told that even the 10 and under kids received the same treatment as adults. I feel like CJ was in a hurry to get him out of her chair since she had another customer waiting. It was not a great experience from a customer service perspective. We will not be returning to this location."

Tommy Skul | December 06, 2018 |

"Love this place. It is so much better now they have a new owner and manager. It was so much fun getting the MVP. They now have an app you can checkin and not have to wait."

Tommy Skul | November 02, 2018 |

"My haircut was awesome and I know so because my wife even commented on it. My favorite part was the MVP with the shampoo and hot towel. I love that time to relax."

Chef Brian | October 17, 2018 |

"Ask for CJ, she does does an adequate job."

Paul H. | June 23, 2018 |

"Came to get a haircut and they closed at 5:20, even though their hours go to 6 on website and door."

Alberto J. O. | June 16, 2018 |

"I like sports clips but this one gave me a bad taste in my mouth. The person who cut my hair was not good, they only had one person working so I had to wait and the place wasn't clean. Going to other places in the future vs here."

Kwon Lee | February 14, 2018 |

"I walked this morning on 02/14/18 11:00am and I actually waited for 10mins because the girl was on her personal call. After she came up ask me what can I do for you, I told her I never been hear to sport clips and I wanted try it and one my good friend went their for first time got free cut he said he loved it good experience. Will when I went asked her about it she gave me attitude and rolling her eyes and saying we never did that. She told it's $30 to get my hair cut and it's cash only because credit card down. She told me it has to be 30 even because she can't give me change. She didn't seems like she nows how to cut hair anyways. I will never go back to sports clips and I will be writing about this location on Littleton news, I asked for her name because she seems don't care at all about customer she just told Amber and she has a nose preice. Worst place I been too."

John Queen | February 08, 2018 |

"Awesome !!"

Tim B. | February 20, 2013 |

"Busy place on weekends. Nice staff and they do a nice job compared to other Sports Clips locations. The space is not as nice as others, but overall it is fine. Surrounded by restaurants, parking can be a pain right at lunch time. Plenty of parking the rest of the day."

Chris C. | November 06, 2014 |

"Dear Sports Clips, I am a frequent customer to your Littleton, Colorado store on Bowles and Wadsworth. I like the concept of your business. I think it's great that you offer haircuts directed toward men specifically with a healthy balance of sports related paraphernalia along with a good dose of pampering. To be honest, I couldn't care less about the sports aspect of your stores. I go for the pampering. I love the massaging shampoos while sitting in a vibrating chair. I love the hot towel on my face. I love the shoulder massage after the hair cut. To be blunt, I could get a better haircut just about anywhere else. But, I keep coming back for the pampering. I love to be pampered. After a long, stressful week, it's nice to be massaged and relaxed. Unfortunately, something is lacking. The massaging shampoos have become lackluster. The shoulder massage with the handheld massager keeps getting shorter and shorter in duration. The pampering part, which is really the only reason why I go to your store, is leaving me dissatisfied and wanting more. It's a shame, really. You have a great concept. Unfortunately, the people who work in your stores don't really care about delivering a quality product. It's more about how quickly they can turn over their chairs and less about how happy the customer is when they leave. I understand that, to a degree. If they have to supplement their salary in tips, it's understandable why they would be more concerned with turnover rather than quality. However, it leaves the customers dissatisfied. I could get a cheaper and better haircut elsewhere. I pay the extra money for the pampering. I'm glad to pay extra if it means I get a few minutes of "Ahhhhh....". And if I get that experience, I am happy to tip well. I have three boys. Up until recently, I have always cut their hair. But, they are currently at the age where they care about how their hair looks and they want new/trendy styles. They've outgrown me. I took them to Sports Clips because I thought they would like the pampering experience. One of my sons opted out of that experience and just wanted the cut only. My youngest wanted the full experience. I paid extra so that he could get it. After his hair was cut, he was sent out to the lobby and the stylist moved on to a new customer. I took a look at his hair and saw that his sideburns didn't match. I asked the stylist about this and she asked "Oh, you want them to match?" Well...Yes. What person wouldn't want their sideburns to match? What kind of question was that? After getting his sideburns fixed my son asked me..."Dad, wasn't I supposed to get a shampoo and massage?" I was flabbergasted. "You didn't get that??!?" I asked. "No" was his sad answer. I explained to the hair stylist that we paid for the MVP (the full experience) for him. She rolled her eyes and grudgingly took him back to give him a shampoo and shoulder massage. I was very disappointed. Since the pampering has become less and less and the dissatisfaction has grown, I don't plan to return to your establishment. It pains me to say this because I liked the experience...even if the overall hair cut was below par for the most part. What hurts me most is that I still can't find a place to get my hair cut where the stylists care about how my hair looks when I am done, while giving me a satisfactory pampering experience. I guess it's back to the drawing board for me. Sports Clips, if you want your business to succeed, you have to revisit your model. You have to look at what sets you apart from other establishments. You have to find stylists who care about their job and pay them well. Otherwise, you are just another Fantastic Sams or SuperCuts. There are men like me who like to be pampered. They will pay for the experience. But, if they pay the higher price, they expect a greater reward for their money. Don't charge them $25 and give them a $10 experience. This is why you lost me as a customer. Signed, Dissatisfied Man"